Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water Restructuring Scheme

The outcome of the World Bank aided water sector restructuring projects implemented in the States of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, so far, are mainly as follows:

Madhya Pradesh - More than 2,03,000 ha increase in area in Rabi irrigation alone achieved, 13 villages of the project area received irrigation after more than 15 years, the average fish productivity of targeted reservoirs improved from 10-20 Kg/ha to 40-50 Kg/ha, the average fish productivity of village ponds increased from 0.5-1 ton/ha to 2-3 ton/ha and asset modernization of selected schemes through rehabilitation in 86% of the target irrigated area is in progress.

Rajasthan – 79 canal rehabilitation schemes out of 87 and 6 dams out of 8 dams rehabilitated, 519 Water Users Associations formed, irrigated area restored, efficiency of system increased, irrigation recovery enhanced and agriculture productivity improved.

Uttar Pradesh - Irrigation and drainage systems covering about 3% of the irrigated area (300,000 ha) rehabilitated and modernized in the pilot Jaunpur Branch basin using modern surveys and designs; over 500 monitoring groundwater wells installed to monitor the impact of drainage investments on the aquifer water table; passed the far-reaching Uttar Pradesh Water Management and Regulatory Commission Act (2008), building upon the State Water Policy, which authorizes the Commission, amongst other things, to determine the allocation and distribution of entitlements for various categories of water use; 4678 water users associations at the outlet and 421 water users associations at the minor level constituted; training program delivered involving over 4500 Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department participants covering topics ranging from the technical (i.e. Auto CAD, GIS, Canal-Mod, MASSCOT) to the managerial and computers, information technology systems, modern equipment, and an enterprise management system introduced into the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department.